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Choosing the Best Custom Stencils From Stencil Giant

How do you choose the best custom stencils from Stencil Giant? These are several factors to consider, including their price per square inch, reusability, and which holidays are covered. We’ll also cover the materials used in making stencils. The best stencils from Stencil Giant will have all of these features and more. As the seasons change and you are looking for things to do start making crafts. Take a look at to help you out with all their ideas.

Cost per square inch

Stencil prices are quoted per square inch. For example, a 5″ x 10″ stencil with an adhesive back will cost $0.10 per square inch. Stencil prices are also quoted for multiple stencils. Custom stencils are more expensive than stock patterns as they are not reusable. Custom stencil pricing varies depending on the complexity of the design and the type of material used.

While many stencil manufacturers offer an extensive selection of off-the-shelf stencils, the cost of custom stencils is generally more expensive than those for stock patterns. The most common stock patterns include Herringbone brick and cobblestone, and octagonal tile. These patterns are best for large slabs and can be purchased in large rolls or sheets. Custom stencils can fit any design requirements and be created using computer-guided cutting machinery.


The reusability of stencils from Stencil Giant makes ordering them a breeze. Each stencil is ten mils thick, laser-cut mylar for crisp, clean edges and ease of use. You can use the stencils on almost any surface, including curved surfaces. Stencils can be washed and reused time again, making them an economical and environmentally friendly option.

Because of their reusable plastic construction, the stencils are highly versatile. You can trace the shapes onto paper or fabric. Stencils come in seven different sizes to fit a wide range of projects. You can also paint over them to create a seamless silhouette. You can even use these stencils on fabric and paper. The shapes are made of durable plastic that is washable with various paints.

Holidays covered

Stencil Giant has you covered whether you want to jazz up your tablecloth or spruce up your entry hall. From Halloween to Christmas, Stencil Giant custom stencils have you covered. For your kiddos, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. With various designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect stencil for any occasion.

Custom stencils are available in a variety of materials. Mylar is the most popular type and is flexible and durable. Mylar stencils are also reusable. On the other hand, Wood stencils are more durable than acrylic and are ideal for painting metal objects. Custom wood stencils are available upon request. They’re waterproof and reusable. They’re also great for outdoor/indoor use.

Materials used

Many materials are used for custom stencils, including wood, cardboard, metal, and plastic. The most common material used for these stencils is mylar, durable, flexible, and easy to clean. If you plan to use a stencil more than once, you can choose to purchase one with an adhesive back. Wood stencils are even stronger than acrylic and can be used for various projects, including painting metal. Mylar stencils can be reusable, and X-ACTO knives are often used to cut them.

Mylar is an inexpensive material that is extremely durable. The thin material can replicate images and resists tearing and stretching. It also withstands common paint solvents. It is light enough to be used with ease and flexible to bend or wrap around irregular objects. It can also be cleaned with soap water and stored for future use. There are no drawbacks to using mylar, but be sure to contact Stencil Giant before attempting to use it.