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What diseases can be prevented by wearing a surgical face mask?

The main purpose of wearing a surgical face mask is to prevent the wearer from contracting any form of airborne disease. Also, if the wearer of the face mask is carrying a disease, it will also protect others from contracting the disease. 

However, the surgical face mask can help to prevent some diseases. Let’s check out some of the diseases that the surgical face mask can protect the wearer against.

Respiratory infections

The surgical face mask was used to checkmate the spread of COVID, aside from so much emphasis on the washing of hands and social distancing. More so, experts also discovered that COVID was transmittable through the air and was more of a respiratory infection. 

For instance, a lot of people who suffered from COVID complained that they could not breathe properly. Many people would also perish if ventilators were not used. Also, patients who had lung issues could barely survive when they contracted COVID. Therefore, the surgical face mask was a major weapon used to combat this respiratory disease.


The surgical face mask can prevent the wearer from contracting viruses that are airborne. Interestingly, most viruses are contracted by inhaling the air in an immediate environment. Not to mention, viruses spread through the respiratory system and to other parts of the body. 

However, if you wear a surgical face mask in an environment that is infected with viruses that can spread through the air, then you will be protected to a large extent. Considering the number of functions that the surgical face mask can perform, it is always advised not to wear it twice because some viruses can survive for a long time.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that type IIR surgical face masks be worn in clinical areas because of their protective qualities. Also, these types of surgical face masks offer protection against disease that spread so quickly in the air. Finally, surgical face masks are available in online pharmaceutical shops. More so, surgical face masks are available in various stores online.