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What Is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is an ideal treatment option for those who want to get rid of their unsightly hair permanently without undergoing cosmetic surgery or transplant.

How does low-level laser therapy work?

In LLLT, the targeted area of skin is filled with low-intensity light treatment. This kind of treatment process is often administered by dermatologists or plastic surgeons. The process is usually painless, and most patients achieve pain relief within an hour or so. However, some patients experience mild to moderate discomfort during the entire treatment process.

What are the benefits of low-intensity light treatment?

There are many benefits of low-level laser therapy aside from pain relief. Patients who have experienced this kind of treatment find their hair growing back in a few weeks. The number of hairs that grow back is dependent on the type of treatment used and its frequency. A patient might not notice any significant change but after continuous treatments, the number of hairs that grow back will increase gradually.

Eliminates the need for expensive and painful surgery

Another benefit of using Laser Therapy is that it eliminates the need for expensive and painful surgery. Before the invention of laser devices, patients who wanted to undergo this procedure had to visit specialized clinics that offer this service. The devices available for purchase in the market are expensive, sometimes it could be difficult to find a clinic that offers these devices at an affordable price. In addition, due to technical limitations, not all laser devices can work effectively on certain parts of the body.

The development of laser caps

The latest development in this field has been the development of laser caps. Unlike the standard laser combs, which have small heads that spin, the laser caps do not have any moving parts. Instead, the device works by applying heat directly to the unwanted hairs. The heat passes into the device through a small heating pad that helps distribute the heat uniformly. This allows the device to work more efficiently without destroying surrounding skin tissue.

Convenient treatment method

LLLT is the most convenient treatment method available in the market today because it eliminates the need for painful and complicated hair removal procedures. However, not all patients prefer this type of therapy because they fear that the treatment may damage their skin. Many patients also believe that medical-grade lasers are needed for the procedure to be successful. However, modern laser technology makes it possible for LLLT to be done by using modern diodes. Diodes are similar to the technology used in laser therapy but they differ in the wavelength range used for treating hair growth.

Does not burn the skin

Another difference between these two methods is that LLLT does not burn the skin as the laser light can. While lasers can be used for targeting dark patches in the body, LLLT targets the hair follicle itself. With laser therapy, there is the potential for burning the skin and scarring the hair. The use of low-level lasers allows for less scarring than what is possible with higher levels of lasers. This is why most hair restoration clinics employ only LLLT to reduce the damage to the patient’s scalp.